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Turnaround Scheduling with Primavera

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Location: Stadhuisplein 3, 4531 GZ, Terneuzen
Pricing: €1.145,-

The Turnaround Scheduling with Primavera training course takes a total of 3.5 days and contains the following components:

Tuesday afternoon, January 18th, from 1 pm until 5 pm: Basic training "Introduction in the world of projects"; An introduction in the the world of Turnaround - Pitstops - and maintenance projects.

After this training, you will know:
- What is a project, and what kind of projects do we know in the industrial environment
- The main differences between Turnaround (OPEX) projects and Capital (CAPEX) projects
- What are the different phases in a project, and what happens in all of these phases
- What are the different roles in a Turnaround project and who is responsible for what
- What are the different contract types for Turnaround projects
- What themes are important on a Turnaround project

The following three days, from 9 am until 17 pm each day, will be devoted to Primavera, with practical examples and exercises. During these three days, you will learn how to:
- Build a schedule based on realistic estimates
- Apply productivity factors
- Measure performance
- Manage a dynamic schedule using Primavera P6 leveling capabilities
- Achieve buy-in from the execution and operational coordinators

18 January 2022
Start - 13:00
21 January 2022
Einde - 17:00 Europe/Amsterdam

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