About us.

Our promise. 
How do you bring a complex turnaround to a successful conclusion? Advando shows you the way. As a partner in Project Control we help asset owners to achieve their goals. With targeted consultancy, solutions and professionals. And a clear promise: zero delay.

“The degree to which you are 'In Control' is the basis for the success of your project”.

Edwin van Doeselaar CTO, Project Controls Specialist 

Our history

The pressure on achieving targets has increased in recent years. So has the complexity of laws and regulations. The predictability of a turnaround is therefore becoming increasingly important. This is evident: more than two thirds of all turnaround projects get out of hand. So there is much to gain. Especially through knowledge assurance and high-quality Planning & Scheduling.

That's why Edwin van Doeselaar founded Advando in 2011. He wanted to use his 20+ years of Project Control experience to do things differently. To bring structural improvement to turnaround projects. We now have a dedicated team working for global players in Energy and Oil & Gas. Together we achieve sustainable results, so they can focus more on their core business.

Our culture

Advando is by and for practitioners. People who make the difference in every turnaround - and want to do it smarter and smarter. We love our profession and we take it to the next level. We do this by continuing to develop our talents and by sharing knowledge with each other. Getting closer and closer to zero delay is what gives us energy.

Our core team

Arjen Elderson
Chief Executive Officer

“I like to create a working climate in which everyone can continue to grow. Getting better and better at your profession and getting closer and closer to zero delay: nice, isn't it?"

Edwin van Doeselaar
Chief Technology Officer

“Thinking ahead, together with our customers. So that we can work even smarter tomorrow than today. That gives me energy.”

Ted Lister 
Managing Partner
Advando North America Inc.

 With great passion and pleasure, I have been working as an international practitioner within the field for many years. From innovative leader to keynote speaker, trainer and author of various publications."   

Erwin Traas
Solutions Consultant

"I feel comfortable in planning turnarounds and have a great love for ICT. When developing TACS, those two come together nicely.”

Justin Lutaert 
Chief Financial Officer

"We at the Advando office also want zero delay ourselves, of course. I make sure that our back office is set up properly so that everything runs smoothly internally.”